A venue nestles in the mountains, you may stroll or quietly observe how clouds shift, winds caress, and light dances...
|Date|2023.5.27 (Sat.)7:30-9:30 |Venue|Garden 91 | Performers|Lionel Pinard /NoMads Factory


A small sculpture museum in the mountain A tranquil oasis amidst the hustle and bustle.

Studio 94

The winner of Taipei Architecture Renovation Award in 2013 and a cultural hub rich in experimental spirit.

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2023. 05. 27 Saturday pm7:30 — 2023. 05. 27 Saturday pm9:30


NoMads Factory is a crossover fusion jazz quartet. It is led by French accordionist Lionel Pinard, w...

World Press Photo

World Press Photo 2022

2022. 10. 22 Saturday am10:00 — 2022. 11. 20 Sunday pm6:00

Studio94 No.94, Sec.2, Yangde Blvd., Shilin, Taipei

The Thermos Foundation began to organize the annual World Press Photo exhibition in Taiwan in 2004....

草山玉溪 Garden 91


Studio 94 財團法人玉溪有容教育基金會

Studio 94 是一個由台南藝術大學建築藝術研究所的「建築繁殖場」碩博士生以將近兩年半的時間實作完成的場域。它曾獲2013年台北市老屋新生金獎,因此十年來吸引了許多國內外建築專業人士的參訪。而這個空間在基金會的規劃下不只舉辦了像荷蘭世界新聞攝影展等許多藝文展覽,同時也進行了數百場的工作坊與講座,成為一個充滿創意的人文教育平台。