Using our ex-co-worker Ruc Wang's 22 paintings, we wish to commemorate our founder, Wen Shung Lin, 's generosity and creativity. If not for his brilliance and kindness, his daring vision and fearlessness.

Building Garden 91 was a dream of my later years.

 I dived in without reservation, and God witnessed my efforts. 

In 2012, a dream became reality where my lifelong wish was finally fulfilled. 

I am a rock aficionado. I’ve had an ardent appreciation of rocks since a young age. 

And conservation of such art is within my capabilities. 

Hence I’ve become a lifelong devotee to stones. 

Where the heart leads, I go tirelessly. 

Treading a treacherous path can be defeating, but I remained hopeful. 

I did not know where this rocky road leads, but I gave my everything. 

My wife was born in the year of the Ram; hence I collected these pleasingly plump flock of sheep. I was born in the year of the Ox, so I collected these water buffalos, quietly resting alongside the sheep. 

I thank God’s gracious love for aligning the crucial factors for me: the right time, the right place, and the right connections. My collecting had come to an end, and Garden 91 came to fruition at last. 

I bear a romantic nature, putting sensitivity above reason. And the same goes with my course on collecting. Artifacts answer the calls of my heart; perhaps they represent my inner self that’s unbeknownst to most. 

I hoped my beloved Yanmingsan has a culture for the arts.

I wished my city has stronger cultural presence.

I built this garden in the backyard of Taipei. 

Maybe I was being naive, perhaps it’s merely an ordinary gift from an ordinary man.

But I achieved everything I imagined.

It was difficult, but nothing in life is easy

Esoteric, profound, natural and unrestrained.

Warm, refined, uplifting and delighting.

These are my imaginations of Garden 91.

In order to find the tree, I can travel thousands of miles.

In order to plant that tree. I can withstand different adversities.

Knowing people after me can enjoy the shade and scenery the trees provide, any hardship is sweet. 

How to swim from shore to shore? How to create a poetic passage?

From youth to old age; from birth to death, what do we grasp in life? 

If I’m not stubborn, I wouldn’t call myself a “foolish cow.”

If I’m not a fool, I wouldn’t bear such a dream, giving my life trying to create Garden 91.

I want to thank God, but also thank people around me.

I've met countless individuals who helped me with my vision!

I've never praised you loudly, but I hope you know I bear gratitude deep in my heart. 

I once felt perturbed, worrying this is all my wishful thinking.

Then I gradually let go, and understand it is impossible to please every person.

Knowing I've done my best is enough. 

There is always room for improvement, so I often sink in deep reflection and introspection. I've changed my mind countless times within one day and put a lot of stress on my team. I only hope Garden 91 can improve and elevate day by day.  

Big and small stone sculptures gather here to form a family.

Guileless, gentle, enraged and dominating; they coexist in harmony and understanding. Cats claimed a corner and started a family. 

From a blank canvas to lush greens and blooming flowers.

From nothingness to an unending stream of life. 

Garden91 really isn’t big, but it is rich in energy, warm and

It heals people, it spreads faith, and it carries emotions. 

What is life? What defines a human? What about the matter of heart?

I’ve pondered upon life’s conumdrums here multiple times

asking myself how can I live a fulfilled life.

I too, want to know the true meaning of life. I want to find tranquility amidst chaos, and finish this journey of life in calmness and stillness. It is not easy to do so!

Ten cycles of four seasons later, I can bow out.

We apologize for any oversights. 

I think the highest form,whether it be human or artifacts, is “having both form and spirit.”

This statue of Arhat has accompanied me on my desk for quite some time.

It calms and soothes me, it inspires deep thoughts. The spirit resides within that form, just like my spirit dwells in here.