Entrepreneur Wen Shung Lin and his wife Qian Fang Lin founded the "Yu Xi You Rong Educational Foundation" in 2005. Through curating exhibitions, publications and lectures, they explored different ways to implement humanistic education. They hope these consistent efforts would bring more complex layers in society and promote more profound thought exchanges that would enrich our lives.

The Thermos Foundation’s Chinese name is "Yu Xi You Rong Educational Foundation."

The foundation was named "You Rong" at first, inspired by Shangshu (Book of Documents) meaning "an accommodating mind achieves greatness." It also echoes Mr. Wen Shung Lin's tableware brand Thermos.

Mr. Wen Shung Lin later decided to rename the foundation to "Yu Xi You Rong" to express gratitude towards his parents. The first two characters are respectively from his parents' names. In 2010, he started building Garden 91, the stone sculpture museum and Studio 94, an experimental renovation project on Taipei people's backyard "Yangminshan."

After 15 years of Wen Shung Lin's leadership, his eldest daughter Patty Lin succeeded the chairman position of Yu Xi You Rong educational foundation in June 2019.