2012.5.5開園前之感想 /董事長 林文雄




2012.5.5 Musings before the Grand opening. /Chairman Wen Hsung Lin

Like Master Sheng Yen once said, all creation changes by the seconds every day; This is the impermanence of life.But people hold different feelings towards the demise of life.Lin Daiyu from Dream of the Red Chamber associated life with the fallen peach blossom and shed tears for the withering flower. Life is truly a series of events, either facing separations or bidding farewells. Bai Juyi, a Chinese poet from Tang Dynasty, wrote:

“Lush and expansive grass on the plain
It blooms and shrivels every year
Blazing wildfire cannot burn it out
Spring breeze blows; it grows again.”

Although both discuss impermanence, Lin Daiyu’s sorrow differs from the poet’s sentimentality. The former only saw the decay of life, whereas Bai Juyi observed both perish and flourish and understood the continuity of lives. 

I look forward to sharing my treasured stone sculptures with you here. These stones withstood many changes before taking roots here. Now this place is their home, and they live on with new meanings bestowed upon them. I hope these stones that lived through decades of change will carry our stories to the next generations. Through these artifacts of the past, we can comprehend what Bai Juyi meant when he wrote, “Spring breeze blows, it grows again.”

This park is called “Yu Xi Garden 91.”Yu and Xi are respectively my parents’ names. Although they departed a long time ago, they’ve always been the pillars of support I carry in my heart. I miss and thank them very much. I also want to express gratitude towards Mr. Ji Nan Kang for assisting me on this stone-collecting journey. He helped me achieve this dream. Today is my birthday, also the birthday of this park. When the park is officially open in the future, I welcome you and your family’s arrival. Come and take a stroll, gently appreciating Garden 91’s seasons.