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12月31日,Abigail Ferris(戴著口罩)在澳洲新南威爾斯州的貝加臨時避難中心與朋友一起玩耍。因叢林大火,新年前夕Abigail和家人從附近的營地撤離。

大面積的旱災、高於平均的氣溫和強風引發了新南威爾斯州和澳洲其他地區的毀滅性大火,遠早於往年發生叢林大火的季節。從2017年2月到2019年底的36個月,是新南威爾斯州有史以來最乾燥的一段時間。包括雪梨大學的科學家在內的學者們認為乾旱、低溼度與西風增強皆為進入氣候緊急狀態的警訊。總理Scott Morrison對叢林大火的回應,以及不願承認大火與澳洲氣候政策相關的態度造成了公眾的強烈反彈。

Sean Davey

Australia, for Agence France-Presse

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Abigail Ferris (in mask) plays with friends at a temporary evacuation center in Bega, New South Wales, Australia, on 31 December. Abigail and her family had been evacuated from a nearby camping spot during bushfires on New Year’s Eve.

Widespread drought conditions, higher than average temperatures and strong winds triggered devastating bushfires in New South Wales and other regions in Australia, well ahead of the usual bushfire season. The months from February 2017 to the end of 2019 had been the driest on record in New South Wales for any 36-month period. University of Sydney scientists were among those who saw the drought, low humidity and westerly winds as part of the climate emergency. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison faced a public backlash for his response to the fires and for his continuing reluctance to link them to Australia’s climate policy.