Wei Seng Chen


動態新聞 單幅 第一名

在印尼西蘇門答臘省Batu Sangkar地區舉辦的一場賽牛活動中,一名參賽者和他的牛隻抵達終點線。被稱為”Pacu Jawi”的奔牛賽在當地有400年的歷史,通常在收割後清空的稻田中進行。赤足的參賽者用一具木製的挽具將自己和兩頭公牛套在一起,僅憑抓住牛尾來控制牛隻。評審依據參賽者能否駕馭牛隻從頭到尾都跑在一條直線上,以及兩頭牛的協調程度來判斷勝負。總共有50名農夫和超過600頭牛參加在二月舉辦的多場奔牛賽。

Wei Seng Chen


1nd Prize Sports Action Singles

A competitor and his charges reach the finish of a bull race, in Batu Sangkar, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Pacu Jawi is a 400-year-old tradition in the area, held after the rice harvest once the paddies have been cleared. Competitors yoke themselves barefoot to two bulls using a wooden harness, and drive the animals by gripping their tails. Winners are judged by their ability to run in a straight line, and by whether both animals are cooperating. Some 600 bulls and 50 farmers participated over a number of races in Pacu Jawi in February.