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30歲的 Petronella Chigumbura是女性反盜獵組織 Akashinga(意指勇者)的一員,她在辛巴威的昆都杜野生動物園參與偽裝掩護的訓練。

Akashinga是一支保育巡守隊,它跳脫主流的運作方式,為保育團體樹立新典範。它的目標是與當地人通力合作,而非與之作對,長遠看來,這麼做不僅對聚落有益,對環境也有幫助。Akashinga由弱勢女性組成,這支巡守隊使她們得到力量,提供她們工作,也 讓當地民眾從保護野生動物的行動中直接受惠。許多保育團體的策略常遭人詬病,例如提供狩獵體驗,將所得作為保育基金;那樣做不但必須仰賴外人,且將當地居民的需求 排除在外。

Brent Stirton

South Africa, Getty Images
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Petronella Chigumbura (30), a member of an all-female anti-poaching unit called Akashinga, participates in stealth and concealment training in the Phundundu Wildlife Park, Zimbabwe.

Akashinga (‘The Brave Ones’) is a ranger force established as an alternative conservation model. It aims to work with, rather than against local populations, for the long-term benefits of their communities and the environment. Akashinga comprises women from disadvantaged backgrounds, empowering them, offering jobs, and helping local people to benefit directly from the preservation of wildlife. Other strategies—such as using fees from trophy hunting to fund conservation—have been criticized for imposing solutions from the outside and excluding the needs of local people.