Olivia Harris

當代議題 系列 第一名

這些形象物象徵了愛爾蘭對女性的不公對待,在列隊被社群媒體拍攝後,他們走上利墨 里克的街頭,沈默地遊行。


Olivia Harris

United Kingdom
Contemporary Issues 1st Prize Stories

Figures representing Ireland’s dark treatment of women line up for social media cameras, before parading silently through the streets of Limerick.

On 25 May, Ireland voted by a large majority to overturn its abortion laws, which were among the most restrictive in the world. The movement to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the constitution, which reinforced a ban on terminations, even those resulting from rape and incest, used social media platforms to spread its message, and took the argument to the streets in the form of demonstrations and theatrical spectacle.